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The Vermouth of Turin

The History and Production of Italy’s Most Famous Aromatised Wine

The Vermouth of Turin, from 22nd March 2017 an IGP product, has its roots in an ancient past, and recently the interest for this Italian excellence is renewed. In this book the author, thanks to his studies on old and new documents, confirms its value. Through the analysis of historical texts, on liquoristic and pharmacy, it is possible to discover vermouth’s origins and the evolution of aromatized wines. A space is dedicated to raw materials, productive methods and traditional recipes, as long as to curiosities on the different types of vermouth, the historical products, the disappeared and the reborn marks. At the end of the book the author presents different cocktails, as Americano, Negroni and Martini Dry. A text which will delight both experts and amateurs alike.


The Vermouth of Turin
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